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WINCHESTER GREEN LABEL BOX OF 25 .45-60 CALIBER, 300 GRAIN “GROOVED” BULLETS – ca. 1880s:  A scarce and very collectable box of 25, 300 grain, “Grooved Bullets” for the caliber.45-60 bearing the desirable early Winchester Repeating Arms Company green label.   

Winchester introduced the .45-60 caliber in 1879 as a chambering for their Model 1876 “Centennial” Rifle.  In addition to offering packets of the fully loaded cartridges, Winchester also packaged components such as these bullets for sale to the shooters who did their own reloading, such as was practiced on the buffalo hunting range and the far reaches of the western frontier.  Certainly, these boxes of bullets would have been in the inventory of the dealers, gunsmiths, general stores and hide buyers supplying the last of the commercial buffalo hunters on the Western Frontier.   

The early Winchester packets of .45-60 ammunition have never been common.  As it is likely that fewer of these bullet boxes would have been produced than the packets of fully loaded cartridges, and further, as the survival rate of these bullet boxes as the contents were expended is almost unimaginable, it stands to reason that this full box of Winchester Bullets for the .45-60 is a very rare survivor.    

This box is in excellent condition, retaining its full form with all of the corners and edges intact, and it features a full, legible cover label and side banner as can be seen in the photographs below.  The box retains all twenty-five of the original .45 caliber Grooved Bullets.  

This is a very nice specimen of a rare box of Winchester Bullets manufactured for the large caliber rifles on the Western Frontier, and one that does not appear on the collector market very often.  This box will make a nice addition to a Winchester Rifle and/or cartridge collection.  (0113) $450



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