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WINCHESTER GREEN LABEL BOX OF 25 .32 MARLIN CALIBER, 165 GRAIN “GROOVED” BULLETS – FULL BOX IN VERY GOOD CONDITION:  A scarce and very collectable box of 25, 165 grain, “Grooved Bullets” for the.32 Caliber “Marlin” bearing the desirable early Winchester Repeating Arms Company green label.   

Apparently, from what I have been able to determine, Winchester and Marlin had a head to head competition for the market place.  In the course of developing their various models, after Winchester introduced the .32-20 caliber in 1882, Marlin subsequently offered their rifles in .32-21 - longer than the .32-20 Winchester chambering.  As a result, the WRA .32-20 could be fired in both the Winchester and Marlin rifles, but the Marlin 32-21 could only be fired in the Marlin rifle.  [Makes one wonder why customers put up with this petty nonsense.

Why Winchester would offer a bullet specifically labeled to mention their competitor is a bit of a mystery, but I’m sure the logic is buried somewhere in the Winchester company records.  Nonetheless, they did just that and this box was produced by Winchester for a time. 

This box is in very good condition, retaining its full form with all of the corners and edges intact, and it features a full, legible cover label and side banner as can be seen in the photographs below.  The box retains all twenty-five of the original .32 caliber Martin Grooved Bullets.    

This is a very nice specimen of a fairly scarce box of Winchester Bullets manufactured for a competitor’s rifles, making it an interesting example of Winchester’s domination of the ammunition market.  This box will make a nice addition to a Winchester Rifle or Marlin Rifle display, or a cartridge collection.  (0244) $125





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