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WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS  “CARTRIDGE PICTURE” LABEL - .45-75 CARTRIDGES FOR THE MODEL 1876 “CENTENNIAL” RIFLE - FULL BOX – GREEN LABEL – EARLY “NO HEADSTAMP” LABEL AND CORRECT MATCHING CARTRIDGES:  This full, complete box bears the very collectable early production “Cartridge Picture” green label, which features an image of the cartridge with the “WINCHESTER CENTENNIAL MODEL 1876” legend call out below the cartridge.   

The label on this box also features three characteristics which identify it as one of the earliest of these labels.  First, the “20” on the front label is an outlined type face, and second, the word “Cartridges” under the “20” is italicized.  Even more telling that this is an early labeled box is the wood cut image of the cartridge on the front label lacks the headstamp which coincided with the lack of headstamps on this issue of cartridge cases – all twenty matching cartridges appear original to this box, and none of them bear a headstamp.  

The two piece box has been opened, however the Winchester warranty label is still present and fully intact on one side of the lower portion of the box and the reloading instruction label is complete and intact on the opposite side of the box.  The top and front labels are complete and fully legible, with some minor scuffing and shelf wear.  The box is overall very solid, retains its shape with sharp edges, and no disfiguring or crushing.   

The box contains the 20 original Winchester .45-75 cartridges, and all are correctly un-headstamped as is noted above.   

This is a relatively scarce offering of a very desirable Winchester cartridge and this box will display nicely with your Model 1876 rifle.  (0122)  $1700







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