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EARLY FRANKFORD ARSENAL INTERNALLY PRIMED .45/70 BALL AND BLANK CARTRIDGES  w/ NO HEAD STAMP ca. 1874-1877:  These internally primed, .45/70 cartridges were manufactured at the Frankford Arsenal circa 1874 until March of 1877.  Identified by the lack of any headstamp, these early production cartridges are very rare, are missing from most collections, and are a great addition to a Custer era carbine display.  

I have the following ball service cartridges and blank cartridges in stock, each listed individually below with accompanying photographs.


No. 1  FRANKFORD ARSENAL INTERNALLY PRIMED .45/70 BALL CARTRIDGE w/ NO HEAD STAMP ca. 1874-1877:  In March of 1875, the length of the crimps which held the primer anvil in place was increased, reducing the space between the ends of the crimps.  Those with the wider space between the crimps are the earlier,  somewhat scarcer, and more desirable version of these cartridges without the headstamps.


Early, pre-March, 1875 version with the wider space between the crimps:  $90 each 

March, 1875 March, 1877 version with the narrow space between the crimps:  $75 each


No. 2  FRANKFORD ARSENAL INTERNALLY PRIMED .45/70 CARBINE AND RIFLE BLANK CARTRIDGE:  During the Indian Wars period blank ammunition was regularly provided to the Cavalry troops, used to accustom the horses to gun fire, and to the Infantry for ceremonial occasions and funerals. The same blank cartridge was used in both the carbines and rifles, with no regard for the headstamps.  Manufactured at the Frankford Arsenal, these blanks were an integral component of the standard issue of ammunition to the frontier soldier and have a rightful place in any Indian War ammunition display.

The photographs below shows each type of cartridge in the following list, pictured top to bottom in the order they are listed below.  All of these .45-70 Blanks are manufactured at Frankford Arsenal, are copper cased, and internally primed.    

Early, March, 1875 - March, 1877 version with no head stamp:  $45 each

Headstamped Versions, stamped "R F Month Year"  SOLD OUT





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