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FRANKFORD ARSENAL US ARMY INTERNALLY PRIMED PISTOL CARTRIDGES - .45 COLT & .45 COLT/S&W - EXCELLENT INDIAN WAR SPECIMENS:  These are individual collector quality revolver pistol cartridges which were manufactured by the Frankford Arsenal and issued to the soldiers during the Indian Wars Period. 

The 1.6" long cartridge was introduced in 1873 and was loaded specifically for the Model 1873 Colt SA Revolver.  This 1.6" long cartridge was manufactured in 1873 and 1874. 

The shorter 1.4" cartridge was adopted after the introduction of the Model 1875 Smith and Wesson Schofield Revolver.  Intended to simplify the supply of cartridges to the regiments which were carrying both revolvers, after 1875 the longer 1.6" cartridge was discontinued and this 1.4" cartridge was issued for both the Colt and the Smith and Wesson pistols. 


NO. 1   LIMITED SUPPLY   Internally Primed Frankford Arsenal 1.6" long .45 Colt Cartridge, ca. 1873-1875:  $75 while they last  

NO. 2   Internally Primed Frankford Arsenal 1.4" long .45 Caliber Pistol Cartridge issued for both the Colt and S&W Revolvers ca. 1875-1892:  $32

NO. SPECIAL OFFERING:  Internally Primed Frankford Arsenal 1.4" long .45 Caliber Pistol Cartridge issued for both the Colt and S&W Revolvers ca. 1875-1892:  I was able to pick up a small quantity of these 1.4" cartridges at an all heart price and am able to pass the savings on to you.  In very good to excellent condition, these are very nice specimens.  If you have an empty box to fill, now's the time to do it.  For as long as they last, this limited quantity are priced at  $22 each - a 30% savings. 


NO. 4   Internally Primed Frankford Arsenal .45 Colt and S&W with Firing Pin Strikes:  At some point in the past, likely a collector wanting to try a piece of original ammunition in his Colt or Schofield, attempted to fire these cartridges, leaving a single, well defined firing pin strike on each one.  The primers did not detonate and the cartridges are otherwise still complete with the bullet and full form.  If you're looking for an inexpensive cartridge to display in your collection, these will serve the purpose while still presenting very well.  A limited quantity at $15 each.


NO. 5   Set of 6 Externally Primed Frankford Arsenal .45 Colt and S&W Pistol Cartridges all Dated December, 1890:  Significant to the infamous incident at Wounded Knee in December of 1890, these six Frankford Arsenal .45 Pistol Cartridges are of the type carried by the soldiers at that time.  These later externally primed cartridges are considerably scarcer than the internally primed Colt/S&W rounds, perhaps due to the external primer, people were more likely to use these cartridges once they passed into the surplus market and they were consumed at a higher rate. 

For whatever reason, they just don't show up on the market.  That these six rounds have matching headstamps is particularly nice and they would make a nice addition to display with a later Colt or an accoutrement display of the equipment used during the late Indian Wars.  All six are in excellent condition with matching patina.  For the set of six   SOLD



NO.6  Internally Primed Frankford Arsenal .45 Colt & S&W Blanks:           Blank ammunition was a regular issue item to the Cavalry troops, used to accustom the horses to gun fire.  Issued during the Indian war period, this internally primed, copper cased .45 caliber blank cartridge was manufactured at the Frankford Arsenal and were issued for use in both the Colt and S&W Schofield Revolvers.  These blanks were an integral component of the standard issue of ammunition to the frontier soldier and have a rightful place in any Indian War ammunition display.  $15 each


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