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.50-45 FRANKFORD ARSENAL AMMUNITION 10 ROUND PACKET  -  BENET PRIMED CARBINE AND CADET ROUNDS - &  SINGLE FRANKFORD ARSENAL CARTRIDGES BERDAN AND BENET PRIMED - SCARCE OFFERING:   Manufactured by the Frankford Arsenal, and some civilian cartridge companies, these .50-45 Centre Fire Cartridges are fairly scarce and are under acknowledged for their use by soldiers and cadets during the Indian War period.  

I have the following packets and cartridges in stock, each listed individually below with accompanying photographs.   


No. 1  .50-45 FRANKFORD ARSENAL AMMUNITION 10 ROUND PACKET  -  BENET PRIMED CARBINE AND CADET ROUNDS:  This packet of .50-45 Internally Benet Primed Centre Fire Cartridges, is one of the scarcer loadings provided by the Springfield Armory and the Frankford Arsenal during the early Indian Wars Period. 

Based on available Ordnance Department correspondence of the time, this reduced loading of the standard .50-70 cartridge using the same weight bullet, seems to have been first introduced for the Model 1866 Cadet Rifles, and later for the Model 1869 Cadet Rifles with an additional 10 grains of powder.  However, as documented in exchanges of letters between Gen. Sherman, Gen. Dyer and Col. Benton, by 1869 and 1870 the leadership of the army and in particular the Ordnance Department was considering and recommending this reduced loading for use in carbines and an experimental trapdoor pistol.  The opinions in play felt the reduced loading would be best for these smaller arms, although recommending that the carbines (the pistols were never adopted) be capable of firing the heavier .50-70 cartridge should a shortage of the smaller cartridge occur.   

This packet is full form, being manufactured of the khaki colored card stock material used in other Frankford Arsenal packets.  It measures 3 long, 1 3/16 think and 1 7/8 high.  These packets were not labeled, and like other known specimens, this packet is not labeled.  The seams are all sealed with the original paper packing tape applied at the arsenal and the corners and edges are all intact save for one end.  The one end has either been opened or separated as so many of these early packets did due to weight and shifting in transit and storage, but the panel is present and intact, and the edges at this opening are clean with no tearing or material loss.  In one respect, this opened end is a plus as it allows the collector to view the 10 Internally Benet Primed cartridges in the packet.  In the photographs below, an example of the .50-45 cartridge is shown next to the packet with the larger .50-70 cartridge for comparison; however these single cartridges are not included in this offering, but are available under separate listings in this same section.    

Whether these smaller cartridges were not produced in any great numbers or they were issued and consumed during the period of use is not definitely known, but surviving packets of this loading are scarce and are seldom found except in the most advanced Indian War cartridge collections.   (0093)  $675


No. 2  .50-45 FRANKFORD ARSENAL BENET PRIMED CARTRIDGE: A single .50-45 Frankford Arsenal cartridge as in the packet listed above.  A very nice example of the Benet primed cartridge.  (0203)  $45


No. 3  .50-45 FRANKFORD ARSENAL BAR ANVIL PRIMED CARTRIDGE:  Another of the Frankford Arsenal loadings of the .50-45, this cartridge is fitted with the bar anvil priming system, evidenced by the primer crimp immediately above the rim of the cartridge case.  A fairly scarce variant as compared to the more common Benet primed cartridges.  (0202)  $45


No. 4  .50-45 BERDAN PRIMED CARTRIDGE:  (1221)  $30


No. 5  UMC 50 CARB  HEADSTAMP: $25 ea




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