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LAWRENCE PRIMER TUBE AS ISSUED FOR THE MODEL 1852, MODEL 1859 & MODEL 1863 SHARPS CARBINES AND RIFLES:   These original Lawrence Primer Tubes were issued with the series of percussion Sharps Carbines and Rifles beginning with the Model 1852 and continuing through the Civil War.

There were at least two versions of these tubes - one with a wood block set perpendicular to the tube and a wooden dowel to fill the remaining void in the brass tube.  The other version omitted the perpendicular block - perhaps to conserve space in the tins in which they were packed - having only the wooden dowel inside the tube.  The block on one, and the dowel on the other were to serve the same function, that is to drive the pellets into the Lawrence primer mechanism on the Sharps carbine. 

These complete tubes are one of the more difficult primers to locate to complete your collection - having all but disappeared from the collector market - and a necessary accessory to display with your Sharps.  These are the first I've had in two years. 


NO. 1   LAWRENCE PRIMER TUBE:  Excellent specimen which is complete with all of the copper priming discs and the wood plug and wood tab that was used to feed the discs into the Lawrence priming mechanism on the Sharps firearms.  Never common, these tubes in this condition are not showing up on the market anymore.  (0110)  $250



NO. 2  LAWRENCE PRIMER TUBE:  Complete with the copper priming discs and the wooden dowel, a small quantity of these tubes were found in an original tin that was heavily corroded.  While the tubes have survived full form, they do show some minor signs of aging, but they retain their integrity and are solid examples for display with your percussion Sharps.  As rare as these primer tubes have become, I feel fortunate to be able to find any at all to offer.  (0912)  $150




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