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.64 CALIBER CARTRIDGE FOR THE MODEL 1836 HALL CARBINE:  Quite rare, these .64 Caliber Cartridges with the distinctive red and white twisted tie string were issued for the Model 1836 Hall Carbine.  This cartridge saw use with the Dragoons during the Seminole Wars in Florida and on the Western Frontier, and was replaced as the subsequent models of Hall Carbines were reduced in caliber.  These early cartridges are a rare offering, emerging on the market only when found in very old, advanced collections. 

I have the following specimens available and each of these offerings are listed below with accompanying photographs. 


NO. 1:  A complete .64 caliber Hall Carbine Cartridge, however this cartridge was unfortunately glued to a cartridge display board and then removed, resulting in some minor damage to the cartridge wrapping paper.  The tear was repaired using original cartridge wrapping paper and the repair is limited to two sides of the cartridge.  The cartridge still displays well on the undamaged sides.  The paper wrapper is otherwise very solid with the folded tail retaining its full form, and the red and white twisted tie string retaining its bright colors.   This is still a respectable specimen of a scarce cartridge to display with your Model 1836 Hall Carbine, and available at a very good price.  (0795)  $250


NO. 2:  Seldom found in this excellent condition, this .64 Caliber Hall Carbine Cartridge is complete with no damage or wear, with the red and white twisted tie string retaining its bright colors.  SOLD


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