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FRANKFORD ARSENAL BICENTENNIAL COMMEMORATIVE “FOLDED CARTRIDGE” – HEADSTAMPED “FA 1976” – INTERESTING CONCEPT CARTRIDGE:  The “Folded, U-shaped, or Encapsulated” cartridge was one of the more interesting experimental programs that were conducted during the 1960’s and 1970’s at the Frankford Arsenal.   

The Folded Cartridge was invented by Andrew Grandy (pictured in this Frankford Arsenal photograph).  The cartridge featured a separate combustion chamber which allowed only the gases created by the burning powder to be conveyed to the base of the bullet, excluding the unburned powder such as would occur in a traditional in-line cartridge design.  This concept was applied to several calibers, however production and chambering problems associated with the nonsymmetrical case undermined the development, and eventually the concept was abandoned.

Before the Folded Cartridge Project was shelved, in 1976 Frankford Arsenal produced a limited number of these inert Bicentennial Commemorative Cartridges.  As evidenced by this specimen of that commemorative cartridge run, these cartridges were formed with a blue plastic case bearing a raised headstamp “F A 1976” and were loaded with a jacketed micro-hollow point bullet.   

This is a scarce example of the type of ammunition experimentation conducted at the famous Frankford Arsenal.  SOLD



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