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PATTERN 1909 FRANKFORD ARSENAL  .30 CALIBER RIFLE CARTRIDGE BANDOLIER – “LIKE NEW” UNISSUED CONDITION COMPLETE WITH ALL OF THE CARTRIDGES - DATED 1937 – FOR ISSUE WITH THE MODEL 1903, MODEL 1903A3/4 AND MODEL 1917 RIFLES:  The first method adopted by the Ordnance Department which enabled the soldiers to carry additional ammunition or to be resupplied on the line, these disposable bandoliers proved to be a durable concept that remained in service for many years.  These bandoliers were loaded at the arsenal and packed in watertight containers for shipment to the points of issue close to the front lines, dramatically increasing the amount of ammunition the soldier could carry into battle. 

While the majority of surviving specimens seen on the market today were made under contract with the government by various cartridge companies such as Remington-UMC, Western, and Winchester, offered here is one of the very desirable bandoliers manufactured at the Frankford Arsenal.  Made of polished khaki cotton cloth, the body of the bandolier consists of six pockets – each of which contained 10 cartridges mounted in two, five round stripper clips which are held in a cardboard liner, for a total of 60 rounds.  Each of the sixty cartridges bear matching headstamps - “F A 37”, indicating these round were produced at Frankford Arsenal in 1937.   

The pocketed section is fitted with a light weight khaki cotton cloth sling which retains the original black japanned safety pin which was used by the soldier to adjust the length of the sling.  The first pocket on the left end of the bandolier contains the specification card which details the ammunition lot number.  The card is likewise in excellent condition, full form, and completely legible. 

This bandolier has survived in excellent condition, showing no signs of use or issue, presenting as if it was just removed from the ammunition can.  The material is clean and solid overall, with no wear or damage, and the bandolier displays quite well.   

This is an excellent example of a pre-World War Two era bandolier and it will be a nice accessory to display with your Model 1903, Springfield 1903A3/4, and Model 1917 Rifles.  (0301) $295



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