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WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS 7MM  MAUSER CARTRIDGES PACKETS MANUFACTURED FOR THE MILITARY OF EL SALVADOR – 20 ROUND PACKETS PRODUCED IN 1950:  These packets were produced in 1950 by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company for the “Gobierno De El Salvador” – the government of El Salvador - for use by their military forces in any one of several rifles which may have been in their inventory at the time.  The 7mm Mauser, also known as the 7mm x 57mm, has been a long respected cartridge by both military forces and sportsmen, and has a long history of service.   

I have acquired a small number of these packets and all but a couple of them are sealed and present in virtually “like new” excellent condition such as the one pictured in the photographs below.  The labels are fully intact and legible.  The packets retain their shape, the edges and corners are sharp, and if there is any soiling from handling, it is very minimal.   

This is a very interesting production by Winchester and one which I’m sure might have an interesting history.  This is an excellent packet and would be very displayable with any of the South American Mauser Rifles.  (0305)  $65







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