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ALLEN & WHEELOCK .25 CALIBER LIP FIRE CARTRIDGE - RARE SPECIMEN IN VERY NICE CONDITION:  Manufactured in the early 1860's, the Allen & Wheelock Lip Fire Revolvers were one of the early efforts to produce a dependable revolver which would fire a self contained metallic cartridge.  This .25 Caliber Lip Fire Cartridge was the proprietary cartridge for the Allen & Wheelock Center Hammer Lip Fire Pocket Revolver.

Production of the revolver was quite limited - some estimates put total at less than 200 - due to a successful patent infringement claim by Smith & Wesson.  By the time the claim was settled, certainly most of the Lip Fire pistols manufactured to that point were in the public's hands, and although limited, there must have been a continued demand for cartridges.  The small number of revolvers and the limited production of ammunition resulted in these cartridges being fairly rare today. 

This is an excellent specimen, the cartridge case and bullet both in full form with no damage, wear or misshaping.  The protrusion on the base which gave the "Lip Fire" system its name is likewise full form.  (1052) $75








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