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US ARMY .38 CALIBER LONG COLT CARTRIDGES FOR THE MODELS 1892 -1903 COLT REVOLVERS:  As first issued with the Model 1892 .38 Caliber Colt Revolver, and continued in service through the Model 1903 Colt Revolver, these cartridges were first manufactured by the Frankford Arsenal and later by civilian contractors such as Remington under government contract. 

Our current inventory of several different loadings of this cartridge is listed below by manufacturer, accompanied by individual photographs and descriptions.


FRANKFORD ARSENAL - DATED 1901-1913:  Manufactured at the Frankford Arsenal, and headstamped "F A (MONTH) (YEAR)".  Produced in the years prior to World War One, these arsenal produced cartridges have become very difficult to find and are appropriate for display with one of the early Mills pocketed cartridge belts such as the Model 1903 Pistol Cartridge Belt and the Models 1909 and 1910 Cavalry Cartridge Belts.  Bearing a range of head stamp dates from 1901 through 1913, these specimens are in excellent condition.  Please inquire if you desire a particular date.  (0331)  $3.00 per round


FRANKFORD ARSENAL - DATED 1896:  Produced at the Frankford Arsenal during the Spanish American War era, these tinned .38 caliber rounds were never made in large quantities and are now one of the rarest types of this cartridge, having all but disappeared from the collector's market.  Still retaining the majority of the tin plating and a having a clear headstamp "F 11 96", the bullet has some oxidation which could be polished if you so desire.  I have only two of these rare cartridges.  SOLD


REMINGTON ARMY CONTRACT DATED 1918:  These cartridges for the Model 1903 .38 Caliber Colt Revolver were manufactured by Remington under a US Army Contract in 1918 as  indicated by the headstamps.  Produced during the mobilization for World War One, these contract rounds are fairly scarce in their own right and many collectors are not aware they exist.  However, they provide an interesting addition to a World War One display and certainly testify to the need for the commercial companies' contribution towards the war effort.  These are nice examples of these contract cartridges and they are appropriate for a World War One display, and are great for filling the revolver loops and cartridge pockets on your Mills Pistol Cartridge Belts.   SOLD


FRANKFORD ARSENAL .38 COLT BLANKS - DATED:  One of most underrated US Army loadings, blank cartridges served a very important training purpose in the cavalry - most importantly used to accustom horses to gun fire.  These early 20th Century Frankford Arsenal Blanks are very scarce and hard to find on the loose.  I have the two different types shown below in very limited quantities.

NO. 1  FRANKFORD ARSENAL .38 CALIBER BLANK - NECKED CASE:  I have one of these fairly scarce cartridges headstamped "F A 2 10" and it is in excellent condition.    (1091) $15

NO. 2  FRANKFORD ARSENAL .38 CALIBER BLANK - STRAIGHT CASE:  This cartridge is headstamped "F A 3 05" and is in excellent condition.  SOLD


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