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PATTERN 1883 FIELD SHIRT – ONE OF THE RAREST OF THE INDIAN WAR UNIFORM PIECES – IN “LIKE NEW” UNISSUED CONDITION – NONE BETTER:  When imagining the Indian War or Spanish American era soldier in a field setting, the image that comes to mind is that of a trooper wearing a khaki colored campaign hat and dressed in one of these Pattern 1883 Dark Blue Shirts – one of the most iconic uniform items of the Frontier and Expansionist Period Army.   

In spite of the length of time these shirts were in service – from 1883 through the Philippine Insurrection of the early 1900’s – very few of these shirts survived to be accessed into modern collections, and today they are considered quite rare.  Particularly notable in this offering is that this shirt was never issued and presents today in “like new” unissued condition – really a prime specimen.   

Showing no evidence of ever having been worn, the shirt is free of all defects.  No stains, wear or mothing, and the material is very clean.  The interior khaki cotton lining bears the fully legible ink stamp identifying the maker and the date of the government contract – 1898.  The paper lot and size tag is still present, full form and completely legible.  All of the original hard rubber buttons are present and intact.   

These shirts simply do not appear on the market in any condition, much less in this spectacular condition.  This Pattern 1883 Field Shirt could not be upgraded, and I doubt seriously that another in comparable condition will appear on the market any time soon.  SOLD

NOTE:  To say that photographing dark blue wool is a challenge is an understatement.  Its closer to a nightmare.  In normal lighting, it appears black and none of the finer features or condition details can be seen clearly.  In order to highlight the features and provide you with an accurate view of the material, I have to lighten the contrast of the photograph which in turn causes the even colored dark blue wool to appear faded or discolored when such is not the case.  This shirt is an even dark blue color as is seen in background wool surrounding the close up photograph of the button.  Trust that you will not be disappointed in this shirt. 



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