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PATTERN 1889 SPANISH AMERICAN WAR US ARMY BROWN CANVAS LEGGINGS VERY SCARCE SET:  Consistent with the specifications dictated by the Quartermaster General, these Pattern 1889 Canvas Leggings became one of the iconic pieces of US Army uniforming which is readily associated with the Spanish American War. 

In very good condition, this matched pair of leggings is in full form and is complete with both full length laces.  The brass eye hooks and eyelets are present with the exception of the loss of one hook.  Both leggings are fitted with a leather strap which passed under the arch of the shoe or boot, and each of these straps is intact with the original matching buckles.  

The top inside of each legging is ink stamped X 15, indicating the sizing 15 across the top of the legging.  The laces are full length, so no wear or weak points and both retain the original crimped brass tips.     

The leggings do show signs of use with minor soiling low on the inside of each legging where the shoe heels would have brushed the opposite ankle as the soldier walked, but nothing extreme and nothing that would not be expected from such a set seeing some field use.  The canvas is overall very strong with no tears, weak points or signs of deterioration and all of the seams are solid and intact.   

This is a fairly scarce set of leggings, due to a relatively limited production and so many being used to the point of destruction on the tropical battlefields of Cuba and the Philippines.  This would be a great pair to display with, and complete, a Pattern 1898 or 1899 Tropical Khaki Uniform.  (0311)  $325



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