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1884 ARTILLERY CORPORAL’S DRESS UNIFORM COAT – VERY NICE CONDITION:  The regiments of Light Artillery, armed with the artillery field pieces which were towed behind teams of horses, were present at almost every post on the frontier alongside the cavalry and infantry regiments – a contribution to the American West that is often under appreciated by modern collectors.  These Artillery Dress Uniform Coats were regularly present at the dress parades and are one of the more striking dress uniforms worn by soldiers in the Indian War army.  

A true veteran of the Indian Wars Artillery, this original Pattern 1884 Dress Uniform Coat features original Corporal Chevrons on both sleeves and is in very nice condition, showing only minimal signs of wear and none of the excessive aging or deterioration so often suffered by these pieces of frontier uniforming.  The red facings and piping are intact throughout on the collar, sleeves, tails, and down the front edge.  The wool is very solid with no weak points and no open seams.  There is some minor mothing on the lower parts of each sleeve and a small spot of mothing on the front – all very small and not very noticeable.  The coat is overall very clean with the exception of one area on the inside rear surface of the skirt lining.  All of the original buttons are present on the epaulets, cuffs, tail and down the front.   

The chevrons are bright and clean with no mothing or other damage and are securely sewn.   

The coat has the standard quilted cotton lining in the body, the cotton lining to the sleeves and the skirt is lined with the proper polished dark green cloth.  The surface of the cotton lining at the right sleeve cuff is ink stamped “SIZE 4” – the standard US Army sizing of clothing being 1 through 4.  The lining of the right sleeve just below the shoulder is ink stamped with the Schuylkill Arsenal inspector’s stamp and there are some other inked notations on the body lining.    

This Artillery Enlisted Man’s Dress Coat is an extremely attractive, relatively scarce, and very desirable Indian War Non Commissioned Officer’s uniform piece and one that would be a fine center piece for any Indian Wars collection.  (0523) $975



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