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CIVIL WAR OFFICER’S UNIFORM VEST – MASSACHUSETTS STATE BUTTONS – VERY NICE SPECIMEN:   This is a dark blue wool Officer’s Uniform Vest, as allowed by the Uniform Regulations of 1861, “…officers permitted to wear a buff, white, or blue vest, with the small button of their corps, regiment, or department.”  

Having survived in very nice condition, this well tailored dark blue wool vest is fully lined in natural colored cotton cloth.  The front of the vest features ˝” brass buttons bearing the seal of the State of Massachusetts.  All of the buttons are present and all are intact with no depressions or other damage.  The back of the vest is made of black polished cotton cloth and the adjustment belt is fully intact   The front pockets are all intact and there is a pocket on the left side of the interior lining. 

When originally collected, a lightweight chamois leather pocket watch case was discovered in the lower left hand exterior pocket, and that case remains with the vest.  The blue wool on the face of that pocket shows the imprint of watch where it must have been carried on a daily basis for some time.   

This vest was obviously worn over a period of time and shows some evidence of that wear.  All of the seams of the vest are intact, and overall the wool, lining and back panel are in very good condition.  There is some light wear to the bottom edge of the vest; some minor mothing to the lower front of the blue wool, and two moth holes adjacent to the buttons that are covered when the vest is buttoned closed.  The balance of the wool is in very good, solid condition.  There is light coloration to the lower front portion of the lining where it chafed against the officer’s dark blue wool uniform trousers, and some wear to the lining material on the front left side.     

As seen so often in period images of the Civil War, these uniform vests are a crowning touch to display with an officer’s uniform grouping, and in spite of their apparent popularity during that time, are now a relatively scarce piece of uniforming.  (0304) $1,750



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