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MODEL 1881 OFFICERS DRESS HELMET CHIN CHAINS – NICE SELECTION OF THESE SCARCE CHAINS:  These are nice examples of the original US Army Officer’s Dress Helmet Chin Chains, worn on the Officer’s Model 1881 Dress Helmets.  Almost impossible to find on the loose today, this is a nice selection of helmet chains to complete your helmets. 

These chains were worn in a variety of different configurations, with the officers shortening or lengthening the chain subject to their preference and also being a function of the size of the individual’s head and facial features.  The chains length was determined by the manner in which the officer wore the chain – spanning the distance from one side button to the other across the front of the helmet body, or from one side button to a hook on the opposite side of the helmet, just below the oak leaf base, and whether or not the officer felt it necessary to ever where the chain under his chin.   

Each chain is listed below (with the length included) with a close up photograph.  All of the links are full form, the chains lay flat with no kinks, and they are ready to display on your helmet. 


NO. 1  Measures 13 ½” long, brass.  (0319)  $100 



NO. 2  Measures 18 ¼” long, brass.  (0320)  $250 


NO. 3  Measures 17 ½” long, brass.   (0321) $250 


NO. 4  Measures 18 ¾” long, brass.  (0322)  $250 


NO. 5  Measures 17 ½” long, brass.  (0323)  $250 


NO. 6  Measures 17 ¾” long, brass.  (0324)  $250 


NO. 7  Measures 17 ¼” long, this chain has a distinct coppery color, likely the result of the mixture of copper and zinc to create the alloy during manufacturing.  (0325)  $150 


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