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MODEL 1855 HARDEE HAT CAVALRY HAT CORD - RARE SPECIMEN:  Introduced with the Model 1855 Hardee Hat, these Cavalry Hat Cords continued in service through the Civil War and on through the Indian War era.  One of the more difficult Civil War era hat cords to find in the modern collecting market, as the Cavalry numbered fewer soldiers than the Artillery and the Infantry, there were far fewer of these yellow Cavalry Hat Cords manufactured and issued. 

In spite of the rarity, I have managed to acquire two sets of these cords from old collections. Nonetheless, Model 1855 Cavalry Hat Cord sets seldom appear on the market as the relatively low stocks that did exist in the surplus market having disappeared years ago.  These two sets present an unusual opportunity to acquire one of the rarest hat cords of the Civil War and Indian War eras. 

Each set is shown below in photographs and individually described. 


No. 1:   MODEL 1855 CAVALRY HAT CORD:  This hat cord apparently was never issued as both of the tassels still retain their original ties.  This hat cord is full length, and is complete with both tassels and the braided slide. The color is very vivid, being a definite period yellow.  One of the tassels has a couple of worn twists, but they are not readily apparent when the set is displayed.  Overall an excellent specimen.  (1007)  $425




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