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CANDLE SOCKETS USED BY BANNERMAN’S TO TURN THE MODEL 1881 DRESS HELMET PLUME SOCKETS INTO CANDLE STICKS – A SCARCE FIND:  These are the original candle sockets used by the famous Bannerman Military Sales Company to fashion candle sticks using the Model 1881 Dress Helmet Plume Sockets and Oak Leaf Bases.  In an effort to use up the tremendous stores of military surplus they had in stock, Bannerman assembled the original helmet parts onto round wooden bases, and sold a considerable quantity of these decorative candle sticks on through the pre-World War Two years.  These sockets were also used on occasion to finish off the decoratively curled bayonet candle wall sconces also made by Bannerman.  He was a master of marketing and found creative ways to use all sorts of surplus material far beyond the original military intent. 

Recently found in an old collection on the east coast, these two sockets are in like-new condition and no doubt, were obtained as the last of the Bannerman treasures were cleaned off the famous island or from the New York City store.  One of the sockets is brass and the other is nickel plated. Both are in excellent condition, show no wear, and are full form – obviously two which were never used.   

I’ve never seen these offered before and I suspect these sockets are quite scarce to find on the loose.  Very nice Bannerman curios, these are offered here as singles, please state your preference with your order – brass or nickel.  (0904)  $50 each 

NOTE:  The complete Bannerman Helmet Plume Candlesticks are shown below to illustrate how these sockets were used, and are not available for sale. 






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