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MODEL 1858 CIVIL WAR “BULLSEYE” CANTEEN – COMPLETE SCARCE DARK BLUE COLORED WOOL COVERING WITH ORIGINAL SLING – AN EXCELLENT SPECIMEN:  This early Civil War issue Model 1858 Canteen features the “bullseye” or ribbed sided design, with five raised rings on each side.   

The scarce dark blue wool "jean" cover is 100% intact with no mothing or wear holes, with only one small snag in the material surface.  Wool jean material, one of the variations in the material used to cover these early canteens, was a tighter weave which had a smoother surface than the thicker wool covering which had a heavier, raised nap.  All seams are intact, and the color is still vibrant with no fading.  As appears in the photos below, there are some white specs in the wool – these are not holes or imperfections, rather they are where errant pieces of lint or lighter colored wool were originally woven into the fabric used to cover this canteen.   

The body is complete with no holes.  The spout is solid, still fully intact where it is mounted on the body of the canteen, and is not at all loose – and, it still retains the original cork stopper in the throat which is attached to an upper sling keeper with the original chain.  All three sling keepers intact. The canteen body is solid with no open seams or weak points due to rust.

The original cotton linen sling is full length, and shows no wear and only minor soiling.  I am quite sure the sling is original to this canteen as the stitching which joins the two ends of the sling is of the same color and age as the balance of the sling. 

This is an excellent example of a Civil War “Bullseye” Canteen with the very desirable dark blue wool cover which has survived in very respectable condition.  You’d be hard pressed to upgrade this one.  (1102)  $600



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