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MODEL 1874 MESS CUPS:  These are very nice specimens of the classic Indian Wars Model 1874 Mess Cup, carried by every soldier on campaign – suspended from the cavalryman’s saddle and from the infantryman’s canteen sling.  Made of heavy iron and plated in tin, these cups served the soldiers from the Custer Era through the Spanish American War.  Once fairly common on the market, these cups have become increasingly scarce, especially those which are in decent condition with no misshaping, heavy corrosion or pin holes.  These are very nice cups to display with your haversack and canteen or on your saddle.   

I have the following cups available, each listed below with accompanying photographs.


NO. 1  MODEL 1874 CUP:  An excellent specimen, as close to "like new unissued" condition as is likely to exist.  The finish is smooth over the entire surface.  The tin plating is present overall, most of which retains the original bright finish.  The handle is full form and the "US" stamp is very legible.  There is no misshaping, pin holes, or damage, and all of the seams are intact.  You won't have many opportunities to find a better one.  (0210)  $200


NO. 2  MODEL 1874 CUP:  A very nice specimen, with an even smooth finish overall, the tin plating present - most with a nice even dark patina and some of the original bright finish - and a very legible “US” on the handle.  There are no dents, no misshaping, no pin holes nor damage due to corrosion, all of the seams are intact, and only some very minor spots of light pitting.  A solid representative example.  (0102)  $165



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