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MODEL 1910 RIMMED EAGLE SNAP CANTEEN – ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL 1915 DATED – SOLDIER IDENTIFIED – EXCELLENT SPECIMEN:  This very nice, complete Model 1910 Rimmed Eagle Snap Canteen presents in very nice condition showing only minimal signs of use despite the obvious evidence of being issued.   

The cover is in very clean condition with no tears or damage.  Both of the rimmed eagle snaps are intact, still retain much of the original subdued finished, and they are fully functional with none of the tearing or separation often found in the material surrounding the snaps.  The front of the cover retains a bright, legible “US” stencil.  Under the right flap there is a fully legible arsenal name and date stamp, “R.I.A.  1915”.  Under the left flap the soldier wrote his name in ink, “E. ALGER” and he wrote it twice oriented so it could be read when on his belt or as the flap was unsnapped – a very conscientious soldier.  He also penned his last name on the front of the cover above the U.S. 

There is a grim underlying logic behind this repetitive naming of a soldier’s equipment – to aid in the identification of his remains should he be killed on the battlefield.  I noted this same repetitive marking on a full set consisting of a cartridge belt, suspenders and the holster and various pouches which had been worn over the beaches at Normandy and throughout the duration of war in Europe – every single piece of the equipment bore the soldier’s full name and service number, all carefully penned in legible printing, 

The canteen is the later “side seam” pattern produced during World War One.  It is full form with no dents or damage, and it is maker stamped “US AGM Co 1918”.  Like the cover, the canteen is neatly rocker engraved “E. ALGER”, reinforcing the soldier’s ownership of this set, and confirming that the cover and canteen have been together since the soldier’s period of service – a very nice feature.  The original cap, chain and ring are present and intact, and function properly.  The cup is likewise full form with no dents and no misshaping and the handle functions properly.  The bottom of the cup has some light engraving which may have been the soldier’s name, and a fully legible maker’s stamp, “U.S., LF&C, 1918”.  The handle is stamped with what may be the soldier’s service number, “C 2466”.   

This is a very nice example of the Model 1910 Rimmed Eagle Snap Canteen which has the added value of being soldier identified and complete with all the components.  (1008) $375



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