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MODEL 1885 CAVALRY CANTEEN w/ SCARCE SNAP HOOK LEATHER SADDLE HANGER STRAP:  One of the scarcest of the Model 1885 Cavalry Equipments, this Indian War period US Army issue Canteen, complete with both of the triangular hangers that were attached as part of the modification process the arsenals used to convert the Civil War canteens to the 1878 Pattern, is fitted with the Model 1885 Cavalry Canteen Strap.   

These straps, introduced specifically for the mounted soldiers as an alternative to the shoulder straps previously issued to all soldiers, provided a shorter doubled strap fitted with a steel snap hook which enabled the soldiers to securely hang the canteen on any of the equipment rings mounted on the saddle.   

This strap was further modified by the soldier who used it with the addition of a snap hook at each end of the strap, which provided a means of detaching the canteen from the strap without having to unbuckle and disassemble the strap as it was originally designed by the Ordnance Department.  These soldier applied modifications are always an added value as few of them survived to appear on the collector’s market.   

The strap is pliable, is full length and complete with all the standing and sliding loops, and fully functional original steel snap hooks – one for hanging the canteen on the saddle, and the other two which snap onto to the triangular loops on the canteen.  The leather shows evidence of use as expected, with some flexing, but there are no weak points or excessive wear to the leather.   

The legible “US” stencil is present on the canteen cover.   As issued to the regular army in the west, this canteen has no National Guard or State Militia unit marks, a definite added value.  There are the expected mild soiling marks left on the cover by the years of service and storage, however the canvas cover is solid with no weak points and no wear spots, and the seam around the canteen is fully intact.  The original cork stopper and chain are fully intact.   

These Model 1885 Cavalry Canteens are very scarce, as most were consumed by the hard use on the frontier.  Easily one of the most popular canteens of the western Indian Wars, this set will definitely be a nice addition to your Cavalry collection and would be an excellent addition to display on your Model 1885 McClellan Saddle.  (0220)  $650  




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