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SPANISH AMERICAN WAR ERA CUP –MARKED “US”:  Another in the progression of cups introduced in the late 19th Century, this pattern of US Army Mess Cup is plainly embossed with a ¾” high “US” in the bottom of the cup.  Generally believed to have been introduced about the time of the Spanish American War, this cup was apparently produced in sufficient numbers to have been well represented in the general issues of equipment.   

Possibly a predecessor to the later Model 1908 Experimental Cup, this is the first of the shorter cups to be tried by the army, measuring 2 ¾” high and 4 ¾” in diameter.  Drawn from a single piece of iron in the same manner as the “Soup Cup” and the cups that would be issued after 1900, this cup has a flat bottom with a small rounded edge.   

This specimen is full form and in spite of its age is in very good condition with no holes or heavy corrosion.  A percentage of the original tin plating is still present and bright, and the handle is intact and firmly attached.  The body of the cup has a few spots of minor pitting, confined to one side of the cup, but none of these areas have pin holes nor have they caused any weak spots. 

Not particularly common, this cup makes for an interesting addition to display with the other models of US Army cups of the 19th and early 20th Centuries, and would be appropriate to place with a Spanish American War grouping.  (0208)  $80



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