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MODEL 1858 CIVIL WAR CANTEEN – COMPLETE BROWN BUTTERNUT  COLORED WOOL COVERING WITH “US INSPECTOR” INK STAMPED ORIGINAL SLING – A VERY NICE SPECIMEN:  This Civil War issue Model 1858 Canteen features the smooth sided design and appears to be unissued.   

The brown butternut wool cover is fully intact with only minor points of surface wear,  no holes, and all of the seams are intact.  The cover had stencils applied to both sides, what appear to be regimental inventory numbers and possibly the soldier’s name, but the characters of the legends are difficult to read.  There are a few stains to both sides of the cover, but nothing which dramatically detracts from the display quality of the canteen.    

The body is full form with no deformities, holes, or weak points, and the only dent is what I am sure is a soldier applied dimple on the side which would have rested against his hip.  The soldiers did this intentionally in order that the canteen would hang flat against their hip, rather than bounce around on the originally manufactured rounded surface – an easy fix for what was obviously an irritation to the soldiers.   

The spout, featuring the desirable legible maker’s stamp, is very solid and fully intact where it is mounted on the body of the canteen, and it still retains the original cork stopper in the throat.  All three sling keepers are intact.   

The original cotton linen sling is full length, shows only minor soiling, and the only wear to the material is where it has rubbed against the edges of the canteen’s sling loops. Most importantly, the sling still retains the legible inked stamped inspector’s name with the title “US Inspector” below the name.  These stamps were lightly struck to begin with, and that they were applied to the coarsely woven fabric of the sling, they are often very faint and almost impossible to read.  Finding an inspector’s stamp that has survived enough to be legible such as this one is quite notable.  There is some heavier soiling to the sling at the bottom of the canteen where it appears it was set down or was stored where it was exposed to some liquid.  The material is a little stiff at this point, but is still intact and stable.  The stain matches both the sling and the canteen cover, confirming that this sling is original to the canteen.      

This is a very nice example of a Civil War Canteen which has survived in very respectable condition with the very desirable spout maker’s stamp, a legible government inspector’s stamp on the sling, and a fully intact cover.  Overall this is a very respectable specimen.  (0240) $650



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