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MODEL 1899 NUTTER EQUIPMENT CARRIER – EXCELLENT UNISSUED EXAMPLE - SPANISH AMERICAN WAR:  As described and illustrated in the US Patent Office Application Diagram (see below), this Nutter Equipment Carrier was invented by Charles P. Nutter of Malden, Massachusetts, and was regarded highly enough to be adopted by the army and manufactured at the Rock Island Arsenal.   

Captain Charles P. Nutter appears in the records as the commanding officer of Battery C of the 1st Massachusetts Volunteer Heavy Artillery Regiment – one of the few volunteer heavy artillery regiments in the United States at the time of the Spanish American War.  Nutter’s earliest commission in the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia was granted on May 11, 1891, he was 34 years old when he was granted a commission in the United States Volunteers on May 9, 1898, and he was mustered out of the USV on November 14, 1898. 

In 1903 under the newly enacted National Defense legislation, the 1ST MVM Heavy Artillery Regiment was redesignated under the Corps of Coast Artillery and from 1906 – 1910, Colonel Charles P. Nutter was the commanding officer of the corps.   

Nutter’s experience with his heavy artillery soldiers, who were equipped as any other foot soldier in the army, apparently led to his design and development of this Nutter Equipment Carrier.  What would prove to be THE last leather load bearing equipment harness that the army would implement, the Nutter Equipment Carrier incorporated a utilitarian arrangement of the soldiers’ basic issue of life supporting equipment without constricting their torsos and without encumbering them with so much of the unnecessary equipment their predecessors had been saddled.  The Nutter Carrier organized the minimal load of blanket, canteen and one haversack in a single uniform configuration for efficient marching order, kept the load balanced and secure, and allowed for the rapid dropping of the harness to free the soldiers to deploy into a skirmish line should the need suddenly arise.  

Courtesy of Walter Budd, the photographs below shows a Nutter Equipment Carrier on a mannequin with the blanket, canteen and haversack attached, and with a carrier worn without the attendant equipment.  The carrier offered here is shown in the photographs without the mannequin. 

This is an excellent specimen, showing no signs of issue or use, and is complete with all of the integral straps, buckles hooks, and billets.  All the straps are full length, live and supple, and do not have any weak points.  The leather is overall smooth, with a bright smooth finish and only very minor signs of storage and age.  There is a legible Rock Island Arsenal cartouche on the right shoulder strap.   

Not particularly common, especially in this complete, excellent condition, this would be a nice set to add to a late 19TH – early 20TH Century equipment display.  (0523)  $200 

NOTE:  This offering is for the Nutter Equipment Carrier only – the blanket, canteen and haversack shown in the photographs are only shown as an example of how the carrier was worn.  



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