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MODEL 1872 MEAT CAN – EXCELLENT SPECIMEN:  A combination Meat Can and Cup that was part of the unique Model 1872 Equipment Set, with the lid intended to serve as the soldier’s cup in the field.  The Model 1872 Meat Can is probably the rarest of the Indian Wars mess equipment, only having been made for 2-3 years before being replaced by the Model 1874 Meat Can.   

This specimen is in excellent condition, complete with the lid – often missing - with much of the original tin plating intact, no corrosion, dents or other damage, all of the seams intact and the bail handle on the lid moves freely.  

These have always been eagerly sought after as one of the more interesting pieces of early Indian Wars equipment and they have become quite scarce on the current market – this is the first one I’ve had in a long time.  (0364)  $675



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