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CIVIL WAR PATTERN 1862 CANTEEN – BROWN JEAN CLOTH COVERING AND ORIGINAL SLING – VERY RESPECTABLE  SPECIMEN:  This Civil War issue Pattern 1862 Canteen features the smooth sided design.   

The brown jean cloth cover is intact with all of the seams securely stitched, having only one wear spot on the lower edge where it constantly wore against the soldier’s clothing and equipment when he was on the march.  The cover is otherwise intact, showing some stains, but overall clean and solid.  The cover is stenciled on one side with the letter “D” and the numeral “71”, likely unit applied inventory numbers indicating Company D and inventory number 71.   

The original cotton linen sling is present and is intact with no fraying or stringing.  The strap was cut or broken, and the ends secured with a knot.  The soldier may well have done this intentionally in order to shorten an overly long sling in order to better secure the canteen to his body.  The sling shows use, but is not overly worn or soiled and overall I would rate it as above average in appearance.     

The body is full form with no significant deformities, holes, or weak points.  On what appears to be the reverse side - that side which the soldier placed against his body - there are two shallow rounded dents that can be felt through the material.  These appear to have been intentionally positioned by the soldier in order to provide a hollow in the canteen to rest against his body and limit - or prevent - the canteen from bouncing against his hip with every stride.  The spout is very solid and fully intact where it is mounted on the body of the canteen, and it still retains the original cork stopper in the throat.  All three sling keepers are intact.   

This is a very solid example of a Civil War Canteen, and while showing signs of use, it has survived in respectable condition. (0213) $450



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