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MODEL 1908 EXPERIMENTAL MESS CUPS:  The US Army Model 1908 Experimental Cup, developed and issued during the equipment trials of the first decade of  the early 20th Century, was made of aluminum to reduce the weight, however the properties of the metal conducted and held heat more readily.  To combat this problem the cup was fitted with a handle which featured a unique slotted handle separated from the body of the cup by cork washers which insulated the handle from the cup body after it was heated.  The slotted handle was designed to accept the tines of the soldiers fork, thus providing a handle to introduce or retrieve the cup from the bivouac fire without burning his hands.

I have the following Model 1908 Cups in stock and each is described below with accompanying photographs.   


No. 1  MODEL 1908 EXPERIMENTAL MESS CUP -  UNIT ID'd 2ND Regiment:  This specimen is in full form with a few dents in the bottom of the cup.  The handle washers are present.  The handle is plainly marked U.S., and the R.I.A. for Rock Island Arsenal, and the date are present but very faint.  The handle is also stamped with unit identification numerals, 2, E and 46, indicating 2nd Regiment, Company E, Number 46.  There is also a number scratched on the underside of the handle loop and at least one name and several initials scratched into the bottom of the cup all evidence of the cups issue through the years.  This is a nice presentable specimen of a relatively rare cup, with the added value of having the unit issue stamps.  (0807) $85


No. 2  MODEL 1908 EXPERIMENTAL MESS CUP -  EXCELLENT CONDITION:  This specimen is in excellent condition, as close to "like new unissued" as you are likely to see.  Full form with no dents or misshaping, and the handle washers are present and complete.  The handle is plainly marked U.S., and the R.I.A. for Rock Island Arsenal, and with the date "1910".  This is a particularly fine specimen of a relatively rare cup and one that would be impossible to upgrade.  SOLD


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