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MODEL 1917 MOUNTED CANTEEN UNIT MARKED 6TH CAVALRY REGIMENT – NICE COMPLETE SPECIMEN:  This is a good solid example of the Model 1917 Mounted Canteen, stenciled with unit inventory marks showing issue to a trooper in the 6TH Cavalry.   

The cover shows evidence of having been issued and used in the field.  There are minor wear spots where the high points on the cup pressed against the cover, but the seams are all intact and the canvas is still strong.  The lift the dot snaps are both complete, function well and show no signs of tearing around the snaps as is often the case.  The rear of the cover is stenciled “6 A 5”, indicating it was issued in the 6TH Regiment, Troop A, to soldier number 5 on the company roster.  The interior surfaces of the “ears” are stenciled “6974” on one and “A 72” on the other – likely additional unit issue inventory stamps.   

The canteen retains its form, all the seams are intact, there are no unsightly dents, and the cap is intact with the original cork liner and retention chain.  The canteen is maker marked “US AGM 1918” and the cup is marked “US LF&C 1918”.  The cup is in full form with no signs of damage or wear, and the handle functions properly.     

The original leather suspension strap, full length and complete with all the hardware, shows use commensurate with the cover, but still retains a smooth surface to the leather with no crazing or flaking and is still very supple with a nice russet color.  The strap broke at some point immediately next to the buckle, so a previous owner repaired it by gluing the tip of the strap to the underlying portion of the strap.  The repair is solid and frankly is so unnoticeable that I did not see it until I began taking the photographs.  The repair in no way affects the display quality of the canteen and on the positive side, the full length of what has become a fairly scarce strap was retained with the canteen.   

Overall a very solid set, this Model 1917 Canteen has all the character of a field used piece with the added value of a desirable unit marking.  (0512)  $155



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