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MODEL 1874 US ARMY MESS KIT OR "MEAT CAN":  The standard issue mess equipment for the Indian War soldier from 1874 into the 1890s, the Model 1874 Mess Kit, or as referred to in the language of the time, Meat Can, was a necessary piece of equipment for every soldier, providing him with both a plate and frying pan.  

This specimen retains the full form with no misshaping.  The plate/lid fits tightly into frying pan as it should and the handle closes over the set to secure it together.  The handle and ring attachment are intact and the US is present on the handle.  Both the pan and the plate are stamped with a unit applied inventory control number CO L 11, indicating this meat can was issued within Company L to the soldier listed as Number 11 on the company rolls.  The tin plating is still present on the exterior and interior of the plate, and the exterior of the pan.  The interior of the pan shows some evidence of having been used, but nothing out of the ordinary.   

A very nice specimen that will display nicely with a Model 1874 Cup, a set of utensils and a set of condiment bags to complete the representative grouping of the mess gear provided to each trooper.  SOLD



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