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MODEL 1904 HAVERSACK – w/ VARIANT INTERIOR FRONT FLAP POCKET - EXCELLENT “LIKE NEW” SPECIMEN:  Identical in construction to the Model 1904 Haversack except that this variation features a different arrangement to the pocket on the inside surface of the front flap.  Rather than the standard split opening for the interior pocket on the haversack cover flap as pictured in the diagrams of the Model 1904 Haversack in the 1905 dated Ordnance Department manual Horse Equipments and Equipments for Officers and Enlisted Men, this specimen has a full flapped pocket secured with a leather tie that would have provided much better storage, accessibility and security for the contents.  This is only the third example of this variant I have seen, and it is a definite improvement over the original design depicted in the above referenced manual.   

Other than the variation in the pocket design, this haversack has all of the other features of the standard Model 1904, to include the mess utensil pockets, and the bronze hooks for attaching the haversack to the rear bottom edge of the pocketed cartridge belt.   

The front of this haversack is stenciled “A NY 123”, a unit identification within the ranks of the New York National Guard.   

This Model 1904 Haversack is in excellent condition, and in spite of the stencil on the front flap, it shows no evidence of having been issued or used.  The canvas is clean overall with no significant soiling or staining.  The stenciled marking on the front cover is distinct and legible, all of the seams are intact, all the pockets on the interior of the bag are intact, the closing billet is full length and intact, both brass suspension hooks are present on the reverse as is the buckle on the bottom seam, and all three metal fittings retain the subdued arsenal applied finish. Both elk hide thongs for closing the interior pocket on the cover flap are present and in like new condition.  The interior surface of the cover flap is legibly stenciled “ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL 1908”.  It is worth noting that all three examples of this variant that I’ve seen have had the same arsenal stamp, with the same date.   

This is an excellent example of a piece of equipment that was necessary for the support and comfort of every soldier and it would be a special addition to complete one of your pocketed cartridge belts.  (0176) $150   



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