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VARIANT INDIAN WAR ERA CUP – COMMONLY KNOWN AS THE “SOUP CUP” – SOLDIER ID’d AND MARKED “MNG”:  Considerably deeper than the Model 1874 Cup, this US Army issue cup appeared at some point late in the Indian War period and has been associated with the final campaigns in the Southwest as well as continued use during the Spanish American War.  Normally found without the “US” marking as is the case with this specimen, this taller cup has come to be known as the “soup cup”, acknowledging the capacity of this cup to hold a soldier’s meal in the field such as beans, stew or a hearty soup.  Drawn from a single piece of iron as opposed to the two piece construction of the Model 1874 Cup, the bottom of this soup cup is integral to the sides of the cup, and the bottom edge is rounded rather than at right angle as on the earlier cups eliminating the risk of the bottom splitting away from the sides.   

Measuring 4 7/8” high and 4 ½” in diameter, this specimen has seen some use, but is in overall solid condition with no holes or heavy corrosion.  The handle is intact and firmly attached.  The body of the cup has a few areas of very minor pitting, but none of the pin holes or weak spots usually found on these cups.  The rim is very strong and it has a pair of cuts a little over ½” apart and ½” long.  These two cuts were intentionally applied, I suspect by the soldier, to fashion a slot to secure his spoon handle while he sipped from the cup.  Below the cut on the side of the cup is engraved “# 2” and “M”.  The handle of this cup is stamped “MNG” indicating issue to a National Guard unit from Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan or Montana.  The bottom surface of the cup bears an etched legend applied by the soldier to identify his cup which reads in part, “M. M.” and “MARKLY” and a faint number below the name.    

Well recognized by experienced collectors, these cups are far from common, and when found appear to have been subjected to heavy use.  This is a very nice, soldier identified cup to place with your Apache Wars or Spanish American War display. $150



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