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MODEL 1874 MESS UTENSIL SETS   COMPLETE SETS OF SPOON, KNIFE, FORK AND THE UTENSIL SCABBARDS:   These are complete Indian Wars Mess Utensil Sets - consisting of a Model 1874 Fork, a Model 1874 Knife, and most importantly, the scarce Model 1874 Spoon, and the two utensil sheaths for the knife and fork.  Carried by every soldier in his haversack or in his saddlebags, these sets were the most basic of his equipment. 

I have the utensils described and pictured below.


NO. 1  MODEL 1874 MESS UTENSIL SET:  The fork has full length sharp tines and the knife is full form with no loss of form due to sharpening.  The blade retains a bright finish and has only minor age darkened spots.  The handles of both utensils still retain traces of the original black lacquer finish, and the handle of the fork is stamped with the patent information.  The spoon is the smaller variant which is original to the period, is of the same shape and design, but three-quarters the size of the larger mess spoon.  Still correct, just a variant.  The spoon is full form with no misshaping or bending as is so often encountered and it retains the original bright tin plating.   

The sheaths are in like new, unissued condition showing no wear and with all the seams intact.   

This is a very respectable set in very nice condition.   SOLD


NO. 2  MODEL 1874 MESS KNIFE - "USA" MARKED:  This knife is one of the early pattern Model 1874 Mess Knives, stamped on the blade "USA".  The blade's original sharp point profile was skillfully ground off, probably intentionally done by the soldier and not the result of breaking off the tip.  The sharp tip was prone to wear through the saddle bag liners and haversacks - the reason the knife and fork were issued with the leather sheaths - but for whatever reason, the soldier removed the tip.  The remainder of the blade and handle are full form and the blade is overall bright with no severe pitting.  The handle retains much of the original dark finish. 

These early pattern knives are quite scarce, not having survived in great numbers, and this is a particularly nice specimen.  (0402)  $100



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