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MODEL 1912 BACON BAG ISSUED WITH THE MODEL 1912 RATION BAGS:  This scarce accessory to the Model 1912 Ration Bags (saddle bags) is seldom found in collections due to a low survival rate, and as it is not pictured in the 1912 Cavalry Equipments Manual, if you are not familiar with what one looks like, you have difficulty in recognizing it when encountered.   

The Model 1912 Ration Bags, which doubled as the soldier’s saddlebags when mounted and his backpack when dismounted, carried the soldier’s personal effects and food rations.  This Bacon bag, as described in the manual on page 26, “is an accessory of the ration bags and is intended to carry the portion of a trooper’s haversack ration of bacon remaining after he has broken open the can and consumed some of it.  Place the bacon in the bag without the can…The enamel lining of the bag has been analyzed and found harmless.”   

This Model 1912 Bacon Bag shows no evidence of issue or use.  Measuring 7.5” by 5.5”, the bag has the full length draw string, and still retains the complete enamel lining which prevented the bacon grease from soiling the other contents of the ration bags.  The enamel lining has crazed due to storage and exposure to temperature changes through the years, and has lost some of its shiny surface, but the lining is complete.   

This is an excellent specimen of a scarce component of the Model 1912 Cavalry Equipments and one that is very difficult to find to complete your Model 1912 Ration Bags.  (1106)  $125



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