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CIVIL WAR ERA MESS CUP – PRIVATE PURCHASE SMALL VERSION:  This is a small version of the standard issue Civil War soldier’s tin plated cup, the same design and proportions, but measuring 3" in diameter and 2” high.  Not the larger size cup that would have been issued by the federal or state governments to their troops, however many soldiers, and of course their officers, purchased their own personal equipment such as cups, utensils and haversacks for any number of reasons.  In the case of this smaller cup, perhaps because it was easier to carry in his haversack or saddlebags, and it lessened the weight he had to carry.   

This cup has survived the years will little sign of aging.  It retains the original tin plating, which is still bright in the interior of the cup and oxidized to a pleasant patina on the outer surface.  The cup is structurally sound with tight seams, no misshaping, and no significant dents.   

A nice piece to hang on your McClellan saddle, or to display with your canteen or haversack, this Civil War era veteran is a good representative example of the cups purchased from the drummers and sutlers that followed the columns of soldiers through the war.  (0221) $110



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