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ca. 1898 – 1904 US ARMY HAVERSACK BACON BAG:  Believed to be standard issue beginning with the Spanish American War, and as documented on page 33 and plate XVI, in the Ordnance Manual entitled Horse Equipments and Equipments for Officers and Enlisted Men dated 1905, these Haversack Bacon Bags were issued as part of the Haversack to carry the soldier’s bacon or meat ration.  Serving as a buttoned-in inner bag and featuring two button holes on one side of the opening, these bacon bags could be taken out of the haversack and washed to remove the grease and food residue – one of the earlier attempts to solve the health and sanitation problems encountered by the 19th and early 20th Century soldier.  Measuring 12.5” high and 9.5” wide, these bags are in very good to excellent condition, most showing no sign of issue or only some very minor use.  All the seams are intact, the button holes are not frayed or torn and the cloth surface is clean.  I have a limited number of these.  $20 



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