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SPANISH AMERICAN WAR OHIO NATIONAL GUARD GROUPING – WOVEN CARTRIDGE BELT AND HAVERSACK:  A grouping from the Spanish American War era featuring a Woven Looped Cartridge Belt with a Mills Pattern 1886 “OHIO” Belt Plate, and a Haversack stenciled “OHIO” with complete with the Model 1885 Haversack Sling.  The belt and haversack make a good grouping which captures the important role the state National Guard units played in the national mobilization for the Spanish American War.   

The tan Woven Single Loop Cartridge Belt, produced by the Hulburt Brothers of New York City, is full length and has a solid body with no weak points.  The belt features a Model 1887 Plate, designed and manufactured by the Mills Company and adopted by the Ordnance Department.  These plates were not only produced with the normally encountered “US”, but also with state militia designations.  This particular plate, produced for the State of Ohio, is in like new condition retaining much of the original high polished finish, has the correct Mills Company stamping on the tongue, the proper catch, and is full form with no misshaping or damage. A number of the cartridge loops do show wear - of the original 50 cartridge loops, 12 of the loops are completely split open and a few others show partial wear, but the remaining loops show only minor wear and will still hold a cartridge.  As can be seen in the photo below, the belt will display well with cartridges inserted in the loops. Both captive brass ends are present and firmly attached, and both retain the sizing adjustment wire loops.  

The front of this haversack is stenciled with a bold “OHIO”, and a “7” surmounting a set of crossed rifles with an “E” below the juncture of the rifles, indicating this haversack was issued to a soldier in the 7TH Infantry Regiment, Company E of the Ohio National Guard.  The “23” stenciled below the regimental marking on the flap and on the front of the bag body are regimental inventory numbers.   

Despite the obvious evidence of issue, this Haversack is in excellent condition, showing very little use and no significant wear.  The canvas is clean overall with only minor soiling, and no wear along the edges.  The stenciled marking on the front cover is distinct and legible, all of the seams are intact, all the pockets on the interior of the bag are intact, the closing billet is full length and intact, both brass suspension “D” rings are present on the reverse as is the buckle on the bottom seam. Both elk hide thongs for closing the interior pocket on the cover flap are present and in like new condition.   

The full length leather sling is complete with both hooks and both leather keepers, and while showing some evidence of use and wear, is still very solid and the leather remains  pliable.  The sling retains a partially legible “ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL” maker’s stamp.   

This set displays well together and is representative of the significant numbers of state militia and National Guard soldiers who responded to all of our nation’s call to arms, a proud and long service that continues today.  SOLD

NOTE:  The cartridges in the cartridge loops as seen below are not included in the purchase of this set. 



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