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CIVIL WAR BACK PACK SHOULDER STRAP REPLACEMENT SET – COMPETE AND IN VERY GOOD CONDITION:  Recognizing that the shoulder straps were prone to wear and breakage under normal service, the army provided additional sets of these straps for refurbishing the Civil War Infantryman’s Back Packs.   

A full, matched set of two, each piece incorporates the shoulder strap that passed over the shoulder from the pack to mid chest where at a swivel rivet junction, a second strap depends down to the bottom of the pack, one side a regular billet that would fasten into a buckle on one side of the bottom of the pack, and the other side fitted with an iron buckle and brass triangle to engage a hook on the other side of the bottom of the pack to allow for quick release.  A third strap that issues from the swiveling rivet at mid chest is fitted with a brass hook.  This third strap, engaging a matching hook on the same strap from the other side, crossed the soldier’s chest to keep the straps in place on his shoulder.   

This set is in full form with all of the hardware present and intact.  All of the straps are full length, supple and have no breakage or other damage.  The surface of the leather is crazed and dry, however once mated with a pack needing these straps, the leather can be treated, however I have left this process to the purchaser so the straps can be matched in appearance to the pack.  

Seldom seen in this condition or as complete as this set is, this is scarce opportunity to complete your pack with a full set of straps that are often broken or missing from the packs.  $150



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