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MODEL 1878 CANTEEN AND HAVERSACK SLINGS – NICE SPECIMENS OF BOTH THE EARLY NARROW CANTEEN SLINGS AND THE WIDER HAVERSACK SLINGS:  Introduced in 1878 as part of the ongoing efforts by the Ordnance Department to find a means of suspending the soldiers’ canteens and haversacks that was both durable enough to survive use in the field and comfortable for the soldier to carry.   

As initially produced, the slings were made in two widths – a narrow sling for the canteen and a wider sling for the haversack.   By the time the specifications for Model 1885 equipment were published, the narrow canteen sling had been deleted from the equipment lists and the wider sling was issued for both the canteen and the haversack.  This evolution made perfect sense as the wider sling distributed the weight of the canteen and haversack more effectively and certainly would have been more comfortable for the soldier.   

As a result of the 1885 change to the single width of sling, the narrow Canteen Slings were only made for a very limited time, many of those that were made were made were consumed in use, and today they are quite scarce compared to the wider dual purpose slings. 

I currently have the slings listed below for completing your canteens and haversacks. 


MODEL 1878 CANTEEN SLING – SCARCE NARROW EARLY PATTERN SLING:  This narrow early pattern Model 1878 Canteen Sling is in very good condition - full length with no weak points – and complete with both brass hooks and leather keepers.  The leather is supple with only minor crazing in scattered spots on the otherwise stable and shiny surface.  These narrow canteen slings have all but disappeared from the market and are now quite scarce.  (0811)  $135  


MODEL 1878 HAVERSACK SLING – USED FOR BOTH THE HAVERSACKS AND CANTEENS AFTER 1885:  This wide pattern Model 1878 Haversack Strap was introduced with the Model 1878 Haversack and issued for the canteen as well after the adoption of the 1885 Equipment Regulations.  The strap is in very good condition - full length, complete with both brass hooks and leather keepers, and the leather is supple.  The surface is crazed but stable and the strap is strong and serviceable.  There is a small nick to one edge at the midpoint of the sling, but this does not weaken the integrity of the sling.  Overall, a very good example to complete your haversack or canteen.  (0812)  $125   


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