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SET OF FOUR PEWTER TANKARDS w/ GLASS BOTTOMS – EACH ENGRAVED WITH THE GREAT SEAL OF THE UNITED STATES:  This unique set of four pewter tankards, each bearing the Great Seal of the United States, would be a finishing touch to an evening as you entertain a group of friends gathered to enjoy your collection.   

Each tankard is finely engraved on one side with the Great Seal of the United States.  Made of pewter with a soft polished finish, and measuring 5” tall, 3 ¼” in diameter at the top and 4” in diameter at the bottom, the tankards have a classic 18th Century Colonial style and each is fitted with a clear glass bottom, in the same manner as the early tavern vessels.   

As the story goes, “press gangs” would haunt the taverns, public houses, and inns of England and her colonies, looking for new recruits for the army and navy.  One of the methods they used was to surreptitiously slip a coin into the tankard of ale of an unsuspecting prospect and once the poor fellow had drained his measure and discovered the coin, the press gang would declare he had taken the “king’s shilling” and therefore had agreed, or was obligated, to fulfill his obligation with an enlistment, at which point the poor fellow was hauled away to his fate. 

As you can imagine, this sort of subterfuge made the patrons wary of the taverns and significantly cut into the business volume of the proprietors.  Since the concern was that a coin could be secreted in the bottom of the customer's drink, some creative soul came up with the glass bottomed tankard that would reveal the coin on inspection, and upon discovery, the man could quietly set the tankard down and walk away without incurring any debt to the crown.  This clever idea survived in practice through the early years of the United States, long after British press gangs were no longer a threat to the revelers.   

All four tankards are in excellent condition, in full form with no damage or signs of significant wear and all four glass bottoms are intact.   

This is nice set that would display very well with a collection of US arms, and would serve as a mark of distinction when you host your visitors.  $200  



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