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ca. 1872 CANTEEN W/ CHAMBERS SLING:  A survivor of the early Indian Wars, this original smooth side Civil War issue canteen features two of the known modifications that were executed by the Ordnance Department starting in the early 1870ís.  

The bottom sling keeper was removed and an early style Chambers web sling with a brass adjustment buckle was sewn to the wool cover at the upper sling keepers, replacing the Civil War linen sling.  The Civil War period iron cork chain that attached to one of the upper sling keeper has been replaced with a brass ring formed around the neck of the canteen spout and a brass chain to retain the cork stopper. 

The brown wool cover of this canteen shows wear as would be expected of these early canteens, showing a few spots where the cover has worn away, however it still retains its overall coverage of the canteen.  The sling is in very good condition with no fraying or breaks.  

These early Indian War canteens did not survive in any great numbers, having been exposed to hard use in the field.  While Civil War and later Indian War canteens are fairly common in most collections, these canteens from the early 1870ís are seldom found.  SOLD



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