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EXPERIMENTAL MODEL 1870 COMBINATION TOOL FOR THE 1870 TRIAL SPRINGFIELD, REMINGTON, SHARPS AND WARD BURTON CARBINES AND RIFLES A VERY RARE EARLY INDIAN WAR TOOL: This early Indian Wars Experimental 1870 Combination Tool is the combination tool which was issued with the 1870 Trial Springfield, Remington, Sharps and Ward Burton rifles and carbines.  Produced in only very limited numbers, these tools are not commonly encountered and are often missing from all but the most advanced Springfield and Trapdoor collections.   

Featuring a right angle U shaped cut which served as a mainspring clamp, a pin punch on the lower arm and screwdriver blades at the ends of both arms, this tool was the first to be manufactured as a new tool for the rifles and carbines since the end of the Civil War.  All of the other new patterns of firearms tools produced since the end of the War had been modified from the extensive stocks of Models 1855 and 1863 Springfield Combination Tool and other Civil War tools that still remained in inventory. 

This specimen is in excellent condition, retaining a smooth shiny surface and the original arsenal applied oil-quenched blue black finish.  Measuring 2 3/8 wide and 2 15/16 long, the screwdriver blades are full form with no nicks or wear.   

As it was intended for issue with the 1870 Trial guns, the production of this tool was fairly limited with a very short service life, resulting in it being one of rarest tools of the early Indian Wars era.  This Experimental Model 1870 Combination Tool is a significant addition to any Springfield Indian War collection.  SOLD










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