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SHARPS RIFLE BULLET MOLD - .40 CALIBER PAPER PATCHED BULLET – SHARPS RIFLE COMPANY:  This .40 caliber Sharps Rifle Company Paper Patched Bullet Mold is in excellent condition with very crisp, legible stampings.    

This mold is milled to cast the .40 caliber, 370 grain bullet.  The dome shaped floor plate in the base of the mold created the small dimple in the base of the bullet to accommodate the twisted tail of the patching paper in which the bullets were wrapped prior to loading in the cartridge case.  The 370 grain bullet was the Sharps factory standard loading for the .40-2 5/8 Bottleneck Cartridge.  This cartridge and loading was introduced in 1873, early enough to have been present on the southern buffalo herd range around Camp Supply and Rath City, and certainly on the northern herd’s range in the later years of the commercial hunt.   

Both handles bear matching serial numbers (63), and the left handle is stamped with the caliber, the bullet weight - “370”, and “SHARPS RIFLE CO., BRIDGEPORT, CONN.”.  The right handle is stamped on the reverse “OLD RELIABLE” in the octagon box outline.    

Overall in excellent condition, there is no damage or signs of excessive use or wear to the smooth mould cavities or the sprue trimming blades, and the faces of the jaws meet without any gaps.  The handles are squeezed together as seen on many of these molds, evidence that this mold was indeed used.  The metal surfaces of the handles and the exterior of the cavity blocks show only minor darkening due to age and very minor pitting.   

Rarely found on the loose any more, these molds are the perfect accessory to display with your Sharps Rifle.  SOLD



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