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VINTAGE IVORY GRIPS FOR A SMALL “BAG GRIP” PISTOL SUCH AS THE ETHAN ALLEN PEPPERBOX PISTOLS – VERY GOOD SOLID MATCHING PAIR OF PANELS:  This is a matched pair of ivory grip panels for a small “bag grip” pistol such as the Pepperbox Pistols made by Ethan Allen, or some of the single shot pocket pistols of the same period. 

An old set as evidenced by the naturally aged patina, the panels are in very good condition, but showing some wear.  The left panel has a small chip in the forward edge and the right panel has an age crack beginning at the top of the panel and running about half way down.  The crack is stable and does not appear to have caused any weakness in the panel.  Both panels are stained from handling and having been carried when on the pistol.  I’ve left them as I found them, but they could be cleaned up should you so desire.  Both of the brass grip screw washers are present – one countersunk to accept the head of the screw and the other threaded.   The panels measure 2 3/8” long and 1 1/16” at the widest point. 

A nice pair if you need them to complete your pistol.  (0830)  $150



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