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MODEL 1879 TRAPDOOR COMBINATION TOOL SCARCE EARLY PATTERN SPECIMEN WITHOUT THE MODEL STAMPING:  Conforming to the standard pattern of the U.S. Army issue Model 1879 Combination Tool for the Model 1873 Springfield Trapdoor .45/70 Carbines and Rifles, these scarce unmarked specimens are believed to be from the early, if not the first, production run of these tools.   

The first tool to be manufactured as a completely new design since the end of the Civil War, the previous patterns of tools for the Indian War rifles and carbines had been modified from the Model 1863 Springfield Combination Tool and other Civil War tools.   

As with the standard Model 1879 Tool, this specimen features a right angle U shaped cut which served as a mainspring clamp, a pin punch on the static arm and a swinging screwdriver blade.  This specimen is in excellent condition, retaining a smooth shiny surface and the original arsenal blue finish.   

Just over 6,000 of these unmarked tools were made before the model stamping began to be applied.  This relatively low number compared to the number produced with the model stamping, and the fact that these unmarked tools were probably the first issued and hence used up in the field both probably account for their scarcity in collections today.  See Gun Tools, Their History and Identification, Shaffer, Rutledge, and Dorsey, page 168, and The .45-70 Trapdoor Rifle Book II, Frasca, page 355 for more information. 

This unmarked M1879 Combination Tool represents an important stage in the continuum of tools manufactured to service the historic Trapdoor Rifles and will be a significant addition to your collection.    $125



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