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COLT DRAGOON REVOLVER .44 CALIBER BULLET MOLD – MODIFIED TO CAST THE .44 CALIBER WALKER COLT BULLET – MAKER MARKED AND INSPECTED:  Originally manufactured as a two-cavity mold to cast bullets for the Colt Dragoon Revolver, this mold was issued within the US Army, evidenced by the Ordnance Department inspector’s initials on the side of the mold.   

At some point in time, this mold was modified.  The material housing the two cavities was milled out and replacement blocks of brass were inserted in the resulting mortise.  A single bullet cavity was then milled into the replacement blocks which would cast a pointed bullet with a notably wide skirt.  The diameter of the base of the bullet is right at .454 in diameter, and the cavity lines up with the pour port closest to the hinge.  

The size and profile of the resulting cavity matches the Walker Colt conical bullet pictured in Plate 36 of Berkeley Lewis’s well respected work, Small Arms And Ammunition In The United States Service, 1776-1865, published by the Smithsonian Institution in 1956.  

The mortise work is very well executed, and suggests that it is the quality product of a skilled craftsman who was used to this type of close tolerance work.  Given that modern made bullet molds are readily available in almost any caliber and bullet shape, it is difficult to imagine that a modern shooter went to this amount of effort, leading me to believe this mold was modified during the 19TH Century when Colt Walker Revolvers were still being carried.  If a man still carrying a Walker did not have a mold specifically made for his pistol, he might well have arranged for a gunsmith to modify this Colt Dragoon mold which was of a size to support the large Walker bullet. 

The bullet cavity still retains its complete form, with sharp edges and the brass has an overall pleasant aged patina.  The Colt Patent stamp on the sprue cutter is fully legible, as are the inspector’s initials on the side of the right hand block – “W.A.T.” for William A. Thornton.  The hinge joining the blocks is solid and freely opens without being loose.  Likewise, the sprue cutter is full form and functions smoothly.   

This is certainly a unique bullet mold, and one that would fit well into a collection of early Colt Revolver molds.  (0107) $550



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