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ca. 1870 US ARMY CLEANING ROD AS ISSUED WITH THE COLT 1860 ARMY, THE COLT RICHARDS CONVERSIONS, THE MODEL 1871 REMINGTON ARMY PISTOL, THE SMITH & WESSON AMERICAN AND THE COLT MODEL 1873 REVOLVERS:  As described in detail on page 300 (“Fourth Rod”) of Gun Tools, Their History and Identification, Shaffer, Rutledge, and Dorsey, this well recognized slotted cleaning rod was specifically manufactured to fit in the wiping rod pockets attached to the front of the US Army Holsters of the early 1870’s. 

Believed to have been made at the Watervliet Arsenal – the same arsenal that produced the holsters with the wiping rod pockets – this rod was issued with all of the pistols in the army's inventory during the early 1870’s, and continued in use with the Model 1873 Colt  Revolver in the later years of the Indian Wars. 

These are relatively scarce appendages from the early days of the cartridge revolvers and are an important component to complete a display of these historic pistols. SOLD



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