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M1873 .45 CALIBER TRAPDOOR CARBINE CLEANING BRUSH, THONG AND ROD SET:  Altered from the Civil War Carbine Cleaning Brush and Rod sets, these rare appendages for the M1873 Carbines pre-date the jointed rods supplied with the M1877 Springfield Trapdoor Carbines.  The Civil War rods and brushes were reduced in diameter by the Springfield Armory from .50 caliber to .45 caliber.  Issued at a rate of 20 brush and thong sets and 2 rods per crate of carbines, it is little wonder they are so rare today.  These rods are annotated in the 1874 Springfield Armory Manual, page 18, and discussed in Gun Tools, Vol. I (Shaffer, Rutledge, & Dorsey) on page 286.  The brush attached to the thong enabled the soldiers to carry the set in their saddlebags while in the field, or the brush unscrews from the thong for use with the barracks rod.  A nice addition for the advanced collector to accompany your Custer-era carbine.  $195



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