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FLINTLOCK BRUSH AND PICK SET – VERY NICE EARLY MUSKET TOOL:  As issued to each soldier in order that he maintain his flint-ignited musket or pistol, this brush and pick set, or “pricker” set as they were known by the British, provided the means to clear the vent hole and clear the debris from the lock pan left by the priming powder.  While all of these sets issued during the flintlock era were similar in form, tools and method of attachment, this set is British, ca. 1820-30, as identified on page 78 of Gun Tools, Their History and Identification, Shaffer, Rutledge, and Dorsey.  Made of brass with a natural bristle brush and pick, all the wire wrapped sections are present and complete.  Although not a commonly found accessory on today’s market, at one time these sets were available in like new condition just like this set offered here, from such dealers as Bannerman, accounting for the fortunately very good condition of many surviving specimens today.  A very attractive tool set to display with your flintlock musket or pistol.  $350



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