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COLT REVOLVER BULLET MOLDS:  A nice selection of original Colt Revolver Bullet Molds.  Each is described below with accompanying photographs.


COLT DRAGOON REVOLVER .44 CALIBER BULLET MOLD:  A veteran to be sure, this Colt Dragoon Revolver .44 Caliber Mold has survived in spite of obvious heavy use.  While the sprue cutter is pitted and the sides of the cavity blocks are dented from repeated taps to knock loose the molded bullets, the bullet cavities still retain their complete form and sharp edges, all indicative of steady and constant use by the owner, but that he protected the important feature of the mold.  The extension of the sprue cutter has been broken off.  It has been suggested that the removal of this extension is not uncommon and may have been done intentionally during the period of use to eliminate the tab which would wear a hole in the man’s trouser pocket or in the sides of his saddle bag.  The brass has an overall pleasant aged patina and the hinge is solid and freely opens without being loose.  In spite of the obvious signs of use, this is still a representative Colt Dragoon Mold, and a good buy to boot.  (0106) $150


COLT NAVY .36 CALIBER BULLET MOLD – VERY GOOD CONDITION:  Showing minimal signs of use, this Colt .36 Caliber Mold has survived in very good condition.  The exterior surfaces of the steel has some scattered minor pitting, however the inside surfaces of the handles and the inside surfaces of the cavity blocks are overall smooth with no pitting, and they retain considerable traces of the original blue.  The sprue cutter is likewise smooth, retaining some of the original blue and a fully legible “COLT’S PATENT” stamp.  The caliber designation, “36 B” is legibly stamped on the side of cavity block, indicating this mold for for the .36 caliber "Belt" pistol, or the Model 1851 Navy Pistol.  This is a very nice mold which would display well with a Model 1851 Colt Navy Pistol.  SOLD





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