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U.S. NAVY MODEL 1889 COLT REVOLVER “NEW CARTRIDGE PACK” SPINDLE - MANUFACTURED BY THE COLT FIREARMS COMPANY – VERY RARE CARTRIDGE AND COLT APPENDAGE:  Patented by Carl J. Ehbets of Hartford, Connecticut and manufactured by the Colt Firearms Company, these “Cartridge Packs” were the first successfully produced “speed loaders”.  Carried in the Model 1889 U.S. Navy Revolver Cartridge Pouch, and issued with the .38 Caliber Model 1889 Colt Revolver, the Cartridge Pack consisted of the central wooden plug offered here and a brass wrap-around collar that secured the six cartridges around the plug.  Due to the expendable nature of the pack, once the cartridges were loaded into the pistol’s cylinder, the plug and collar were discarded, making these pieces extremely rare today.   

These Cartridge Packs are well documented in Scott Meadow’s U.S. Military Holsters and Pistol Cartridge Boxes on page 410, and in Gun Tools Volume I, by Shaffer, Rutledge and Dorsey on page 358.  The photograph of the filled Cartridge Pack is as shown in Gun Tools Volume I.   

This Cartridge Pack plug is in like new, unissued condition, showing no wear or damage, and the inspector’s or piece worker’s initials are still visible on the top of the plug.  This rare Colt’s Pistol accessory is sufficiently rare that most collectors do not know they exist, and few have ever seen one, making this a truly special offering.  SOLD



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