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GETTYSBURG RELIC PROJECTILE DESK SETS – NICE DISPLAY ITEM:  Fashioned in the style of the many battlefield relic sets produced in the years following the Civil War, these very attractive, well made desk sets feature a large piece of artillery shell shrapnel and four bullets, all of which were recovered from the Gettysburg Battlefield.   

Each of the pieces of the artillery shrapnel was selected for the specific feature it retained – two have sections of the threaded fuse hole in the nose of the shell, and one has the base band and two discernable ridges that were cast into the shell to engage the rifling in the gun tube.   

Each of the sets includes the same four bullets – a standard .58 caliber Minie Bullet, a .58 Caliber Williams Cleaner Bullet, a .54 caliber Gardner Patent Bullet of the type used by the Confederate forces, and a .52 caliber carbine bullet, possibly a Spencer.  All the bullets are full form with their distinct characteristics still present. 

The bases are milled from furniture grade hardwoods – the darker one is walnut, the lighter two are cherry – and have been well finished.  Each base has quality green felt covering the bottom surface so it will not mar your furniture.   

The piece of shrapnel is bolted securely to the base – they’re heavy and not something you want dropping on your foot.  The bullets rest in counter-bored holes to hold them in place, but they are not attached to the base in order that the different characteristics of the bullet bases can be appreciated.   

Whether as a display for your desk at work or home, or as a starter piece for a young collector, these relic sets would make a nice presentation piece or a gift.   


No. 1:  Cherry wood base.  (1024)  $125


No. 2:  Walnut wood base.  (1025) $125


No. 3:  Cherry wood base.  (1026)  $125


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