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ORIGINAL BRICK FROM THE COLT FACTORY BUILDING – ORIGINALLY OFFERED BY THE COLT COMPANY:  Best described in the 1994 Colt Firearms Company advertisement:      

     “When Samuel Colt’s original Hartford factory fronting the Connecticut River was almost destroyed by fire in 1864, his widow, Elizabeth, did not hesitate a day.  She ordered the buildings restored exactly as her husband had left them. 

      Early in 1867, work was finished on the redbrick Armory that would produce the    world’s finest quality revolvers, pistols and rifles, including “the gun that won the West”, the legendary Colt Single Action Army; the Colt .45 Automatic….and the Colt M16 Rifle…

    Sadly, the magnificent old plant’s firearms manufacturing days are over.  But now you    can own a part of Colt history with the collector’s limited edition (500 only) Colt Historic Brick which has been preserved as an artifact from the Huyshope Avenue factory building.  

    Each brick bears the serpentine Colt “C”….has been authenticated by the Colt    Custom Gun Shop, and is mounted on a handsome display base.” 

In May of 1994, during the Colt Company’s financial reorganization, the famous Colt Armory Building in Hartford was closed and subsequently underwent a restoration project in an effort to save the building and it’s historic context in the community.  During this process, these bricks – a total of 500 – were salvaged to produce these very special mementoes of the Colt Armory.   

This particular brick, Number 73, was recently acquired from an old collection where it was preserved intact with the Colt Company presentation box with the gold foil Colt Company logo, and amazingly enough, the original Colt Company shipping box – this set will represent exactly what you would have received had you ordered one of these bricks over 20 years ago.   

The brick, measuring 8 1/8" long by 2 1/4" wide by 3 5/8" high, has the Colt serpentine “C” embossed in one end, apparently done when these bricks were manufactured in the 1860’s, and is mounted with a brass plaque detailing the historical significance of the brick.  The original plastic protective sheet is still in place on the plaque and in the photographs below, this plastic sleeve gives the plaque the appearance of having a frosted finish.  The brass is polished bright and has been protected by the plastic. 

One side of the brick still has remnants of the original cement that held it in place during the building process.   

As you can imagine, the initial offering of these bricks did not last long before they were all sold and the Colt Company no longer has any remaining in stock.  While the other 499 pieces reside in private collections around the world, I doubt seriously that many have survived as intact with both of the boxes in which they were shipped, such as this one has.  This is rare opportunity to acquire a very special Colt collectable for your collection.  SOLD



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